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MultiUser Tcp/Ip RPC ActiveX Controls
InFoProGes studio ActiveX controls help programmers to easly create technologically up-to-date and easy-to-mantain applications.

This controls allows you to easily create (server) applications that 'expose' internal functions/procedures on a TCP/IP network, and (client) applications that 'call' this functions/procedures remotely.

Each RPC (RPC stands for 'Remote Procedure Call') can pass (and receive back) as many parameters as you need.
Server-side applications can easily operate in MultiUser mode, enabling as many client-side application as you need to simultaneously invoke even the same server functions/procedures.
In the download you'll find two very simple VB6 project that shows you how to create a Client and a MultiUser Server.

All downloads are full-functional versions. Some 'Register!' messages may appear when running the application, inviting you to register it.
Once registered, you'll receive a Registration UserID and a Registration Password that enable you to stop such 'Register!' messages.


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